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Gallù, teenager, moves away from the seas of Ancient Greece, the Calabrian coast, in order to land on one of the Etruscans. He never read Homer, indeed, perhaps never read; Ulysses has heard something, but did not clear the story; one day, however, as we watched the sea during a sunset in winter, on the coast of Capalbio, tells me: “I always dream to have been brought here by the waves embraced a truncated calizzo” (For “calizzo“, then I learned , it mean eucalyptus). Nothing else if not the beginning of one of his long silences.

Gallù brings the knowledge of his land and nothing else. In Maremma learns the art of wood and to survive without the desperation of a time: just simply working. And in this new magical land, where you just work for a living, the sea becomes inspiration and support.
And the sea, then, Gallù caters to find its way.

Now Gallu realizes its original furniture also looking woods that storms return to the mainland. In our long walks on the beach, after every storm, we seek the gifts of the sea. There is debate about the quality of each piece of wood and his destiny. Then we think Elijah, the apprentice Romanian (Italian because if they are not), which loads Arturo, the old and rickety van.
Nino and I continue to walk. Walk around and look.

Arturo, the van, however, is indifferent to quality. He thinks only of weight and volume, but are stacks of elm, olive, ceraso marine, poplars and anything else that Gallu brings home. It so happens that the African woods to join the Spanish ones to make a frame, a coffee table, a bed or whatever.
Supports Gallù which is the same wood to apply to become something. He remains only to interpret the voice: the rest is just the manual.